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Robb Partners, Quantity Surveyors Adelaide

Quality, flexibility and expertise to deliver the results you want.

Your Quantity Surveyor, Adelaide


Robb Partners offers more than 30 years’ quantity surveying experience across both public and private sectors. Projects have spanned industries that include health, education, civic, defence, road and rail, utilities, civil, industrial, commercial and residential construction.


Chartered Quantity Surveyor (RICS), Certified Quantity Surveyor (AIQS) and Director, Mason Robb, is committed to flexible, client-focused solutions to ensure your building or construction project is reliably completed for maximum value, with fair and equitable terms for all parties involved.


From masterplan and feasibility studies, to completion and handover, Robb Partners understands the critical nature of compliance and oversight. Your project will be monitored throughout to ensure expenditure aligns with budgets, and that targets are met.


We Do

Cost Management

Accurate cost planning and management is essential to ensuring projects are delivered within budget parameters. Robb Partners implement tried and tested cost planning techniques to give your project the best possible start to generate the best possible end results. 

Project Advisory

Understand the potential risks, opportunities and oversights in your next project. Robb Partners applies a range of rigorous and innovative approaches to provide comprehensive cost and risk-assessments, along with auditing services to ensure your project is on track at every stage.


Contract Management

Minimise miscommunication and delays with strong, clear procurement contracts that satisfy the needs of all parties. Robb Partners works to establish project expectations around timeframes, budgets, variations and contingencies, ensuring terms and conditions are implemented and adhered to.

Risk Management

Maximise the potential through controlling uncertainty. At ROBB Partners, we understand that navigating complex projects can be challenging. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services to help our clients maximise the potential of success through controlling uncertainty.

Why It Matters

Better Planning

Understanding all your options, risks and challenges before you commence your project, allows you to make informed choices and develop well-laid out contingency plans to reduce the chance of problems arising.

Smoother Delivery

When teams are confident in plans, and everyone has a clear understanding of expectations and deliverables, it’s easier for all parties to work cohesively and collectively toward a common goal.

Quality Outcomes

Creating the right conditions for success significantly increases your projects chances for successful completion on time, within budget, and with minimal variations or disruption.


Quality, flexibility and expertise to deliver the results you want.

Get in Touch

Robb Partners is ready to provide flexible, reliable quantity surveying services to deliver value at every stage of your project. 

Suite 9.03, Level 9

30 Currie Street,

Adelaide, South Australia

Phone: 0468 661 452


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