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Contract Management Services

Establish clear, cohesive and well-documented conditions for your project.

Get the best project outcomes from your contracts

The success of your project can hinge on the structure and strength of your contracts. We work proactively to negotiate contracts that ensure fair and equitable terms for all parties involved from the outset of your project to completion. This helps to minimise the potential for miscommunication, misunderstandings and delays due to costly contract disputes.

Contract Negotiation

Contract management in procurement involves setting clear expectations around timeframes, budgets, variations, and progression of work. After consultation and negotiations to establish the project requirements, we advise the most time and cost-effective course of action for implementation.

Contract Administration & Compliance Oversight

When you hand contract management to Robb Partners, we ensure all aspects of your contract are implemented and adhered to over the course of your project. This may include attending project meetings to keep abreast of progress, to managing the impact of design changes and ensuring any variations claimed are in accordance with the contract.

Contract Monitoring & Liaison

Across the duration of your project, we regularly monitor expenditure to ensure it aligns with contracted budgets. Where costs may exceed predicted budgets, we liaise with contractors and suppliers to determine the underlying issues and what steps may need to be taken to keep costs and timeframes on track.

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