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Project Advisory 

Avoid surprises with comprehensive cost and risk-assessment modelling.

When you know what to expect, you know what to plan for

Our project advisory services take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to minimise the number of "what if’s?" that can become "what now's?". Using 5D BIM (building information modelling) processes, in conjunction with our years of industry experience, we can work with design teams in the feasibility stage to advise on design options and buildability issue to arrive at the optimal project outcomes.

Project Auditing

A fresh set of eyes is always beneficial on any project to provide a fresh perspective or pick up any discrepancies or errors that may have been previously overlooked. An independent audit to review existing reports, estimates and documentation before proceeding can be a critical step in saving time and money in the long run.

Risk Probability Reviews

All projects come with a level of inherent risk. Our role as the project cost manager is to undertake a review of cost estimates and create risk profile options that outline associated risks, along with contingencies and mitigation strategies for each. This allows our clients to make informed choices based on the most current data and projections.

Procurement Advice

Each procurement model comes with a number of implications on the overall delivery of a project. Under our procurement advisory services, we can advise on a variety of procurement methods and the likely impact each may have on your project. Additionally, we can review tenders and provide our assessment on the suitability of each, what differences lie between them, and how they reconcile against your budget.

Contact Robb Partners quantity surveyors for reliable, independent project advisory services.
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