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Cost Control & Cost Management Services

Minimise costs and maximise value on your construction project.

Take control of your project costs and budget outcomes

Robb Partners works closely with clients and contractors in the private and public sectors to provide quality cost management advisory through every stage of the construction process. Our comprehensive review of concepts, risks, cost estimates and planning, and cash flow modelling ensures you have the right information, resources and support to optimise the budget projections and outcomes for your construction project. This includes life-cycle, maintenance and replacement costs of new and existing assets.

Masterplan and Feasibility Studies

Masterplans and feasibility studies lay the critical foundation for effective cost control in construction projects. It’s essential to understand environmental surrounds, social criteria, and other factors that will impact the viability of the construction for accurate cost-modelling.


This stage provides the opportunity to run risk assessments and explore the most efficient and cost-effective design paths to achieve the desired results within the existing budget.

Design Development and Tender

Once the design process is underway, Robb Partners will review the designs to ensure the final proposals align with budget expectations before they are submitted for tender. Cost management will consider capital costs, variations, contingency allowance, escalation requirements and other variables.


We can analyse tenders to assess the viability of quotes, contract conditions, timeframes, impact of variations, and negotiate with contractors to facilitate the best match of pricing and resources for our clients.

Completion of Construction and Handover

Throughout the construction phase, we monitor expenditure, provide cost reports and cash flow forecasts, and manage payments to keep projects on track and within budget. This includes financial reports, managing progress claims and auditing expense reports to pick up any discrepancies or errors that may occur before completion.

Contact Robb Partners quantity surveyors for quality cost management services in construction projects large or small.
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